Visionary Award: Ed Kemnitzer

  • Ed Kemnitzer Ed Kemnitzer served as the Executive Assistant for Technology Integration for Curriculum Support & Development for the Massapequa Public Schools. In that position, Ed lead the district’s instructional technology department and the K-12 libraries. In this role, Ed was a leader of the 1:1 Chromebook program in Grades 3-12 and inspired the renovation of the district’s libraries with the inclusion of its makerspaces. He is currently the Director of Technology, Innovation, and Information Services in East Williston UFSD.

    Ed is a former English teacher, English Language Arts Curriculum Associate, and assistant principal. He is a co-founder of EdCamp Long Island which speaks to his passion for learning and continued growth. Ed lives in Kings Park with his wife and two children.

    Watch the Ed Kemnitzer honoree video.

Most Innovative Use of Technology Award: Luke Ferland

  • Luke Ferland Luke Ferland is a fifth-year high school technology teacher that took an interesting path to the profession. Luke’s interest in becoming a technology teacher is rooted in his experience as a student in his high school technology classes.

    While always knowing he wanted to become a technology teacher, Luke set out to acquire a skillset that would assist him in offering a unique and meaningful curriculum to his students once in the classroom. While in college Luke worked for his family, built and drove stock cars, volunteered, interned in the defense industry, worked for his college creating biofuels, and of course prepared to become a teacher. After college Luke worked in the engineering industry in the U.S. as well as China. In short, Luke began acquiring a skillset that would help him offer his future students a unique and meaningful curriculum.

    Once in the classroom, Luke saw how the proverbial toolbox of technology educators was changing, so he called upon his past experiences to help augment his schools existing technology education program. Since Luke’s start, the technology education program has grown from offering just Design and Drawing for Production and Residential Structures, to a program that includes Robotics, and Principles of Engineering, as well as Residential Structures and Design and Drawing for Production. Luke also acquired a grant to start the high school Robotics club.

    In addition to the expansion and development of his school’s technology education program, Luke has been published in American Woodturner Magazine for his “Precision Engineered Pen Project” which gives the 3D printer a meaningful role in a project that successfully melds industrial technology, modern-day additive manufacturing technology, as well as 3D design technology. Luke looks to continue to develop his program as well as what technology education is for modern day and future students as well as educators.

    Watch the Luke Ferland honoree video.