December 9, 2020

Presentation Session

Creating A Virtual Classroom: A Little Bit(Moji) At A Time! 1
Presented by Three Village CSD
Incorporate your Bitmoji into a personalized virtual classroom in Google Slides. Create hidden links to read- alouds, math tools, videos, websites, choice boards, etc. Design a theme for your classroom where students can engage and explore a topic. Great for classroom and special area teachers of any grade/subject area. Best to bring a personal device so you can begin creating your own virtual classroom!

Empower Students And Staff To Navigate Learning Even In Uncharted Waters 1
Presented by Plainedge UFSD
Discover how Plainedge K-12 students and staff leverage technologies such as Screencastify, Edpuzzle, Flipgrid, Google Slides, Jamboard, Padlet and more to enrich learning. Learn how we provided just in-time professional development for our staff while learning remotely. Hear positive takeaways from our virtual learning time that we feel can continue to impact our students’ learning in a blended or in-person environment.

Virtual Stem/Steam 1
Presented by Three Village CSD
Teaching a hands-on curriculum in a virtual world can have its challenges. Learn how to plan, implement, collect and assess final projects related to STEM/STEAM lessons within an online learning environment

Working Together In Google: A Collaborative Effort Between Teachers & Teaching Assistants 1
Presented by Three Village CSD
An overview of methods to help general education teachers, special education teachers, and teaching assistants collaborate effectively in a digital world. Methods for utilizing Google Apps to present material while including modifications and accommodations will be presented, as well as viable methods for professionals to work together to provide meaningful activities from afar.

You’Ve Gone One-To-One...Now What? 1
Presented by CDW-G
Join CDW-G as we celebrate successes and discuss making sure your one-to-one project continues moving forward smoothly into the future.


Presentation Session

The Gamification Of Assessments 2
Presented by Jericho UFSD/Molloy College
The gamification of assessments involves game elements to increase student motivation and engagement. Gamified assessments provide various ways to immerse students into a gamified environment while simultaneously learning and assessing their skills. Game-based assessments provide students with rewards and choice and allow teachers to capture information in new and different ways than with traditional assessment models.

Jamming With Jamboard 2
Presented by Deer Park UFSD
Your class will be Jamming with the Jamboard! G Suite’s digital whiteboard offers a rich collaborative experience for classrooms which fosters communication & cooperation. Watch your student’s critical thinking and creativity unfold. Edit from your device or Chromebook and share it with others. Everybody can collaborate on a Jam anytime, anywhere. Add post-its, insert from your Drive or Draw on your Jam. Integrates with Google Classroom.

Navigating Balanced Literacy In Physical And Virtual Spaces 2
Presented by Long Beach Public Schools
Long Beach educators will share their experiences with supporting the implementation of a balanced literacy approach in physical and virtual learning environments. Participants will learn powerful ways to engage and empower learners by exploring various digital platforms, establishing protocols, and sharing relevant, and meaningful activities/resources that fit into a balanced literacy framework. Examples of student learning will be shared and digital resources will be provided to all participan

Protecting Your Students’ Pii (Personal Identifiable Information) Is Not Only Good Practice, It’S The Law. How Tools Like Classlink Helped Support Privacy Controls And Remote Learning/Access! 2
Presented by Lindenhurst UFSD/West Islip UFSD
Established a streamlined method of exposing students to a wide variety of online content, including the use of ClassLink, while adhering to the guidelines of Ed Law 2D. Implement some of these strategies, and the necessary resources to do it successfully. Learn how tools like ClassLink also were a vital component supporting remote access and learning during the pandemic.

Social Emotional Learning Enhanced Through Technology 2
Presented by Deer Park UFSD
In this session you will learn how, we as educators, can promote the use of technology in order to enhance Social Emotional Learning in our students. The topics we will cover focus on student needs, cross classroom collaboration, behavioral interventions and the home/ school connection. These interactions will help develop student’s self-awareness, self-control and interpersonal skills, vital to Social Emotional Learning.