December 16, 2020

Presentation Session

Coding, Robotics And Distance Learning 3
Presented by Bellmore Merrick Central High School
This presentation will focus on leveraging student’s devices for coding and robotics in a distance learning environment. It will discuss problems and solutions to the challenge of coding and robotics while maintaining responsible social distancing policies.

Screen Recording/Video Tools For Instruction 3
Presented by Kings Park UFSD
Learn to use screen recording extensions/apps and hear about extra ideas for recording engaging lessons. This is especially useful for student learning in school and remote learning. It will include extensions/Apps like Screencastify & Loom and other recording suggestions like Doc cameras and video editing/voice recording apps. This is geared for grades K-12 and staff developers/presenters.

Students As Virtual Tour Guides: Using Cospaces Edu In The Classroom 3
Presented by East Islip UFSD
See how easy it is to teach students how to use CoSpaces EDU to build immersive, 360° classroom, school or community tours! Participants will learn how to create tour scenes, add text and details, and share content so others can go on your virtual tours!

Twitter For Free & Continuous Virtual Pd? #Youbet! 3
Presented by Nassau BOCES
During these unusual times, Twitter has quickly emerged as a 24/7 collaboration platform and help desk for educators looking for new and engaging teaching and learning ideas. Whether watching or actively participating in this virtual session, attendees will learn how to use hashtags, find and network with educators worldwide, and share articles, videos, and other relevant professional resources.


Presentation Session

Bitmoji Interactive Classroom Fun 4
Presented by West Islip UFSD
Join us to learn how to create a Bitmoji classroom scene to help make learning more welcoming, interactive, and fun! Customize scenes with backgrounds, furniture, decorations and make them interactive by adding links to websites, videos and other classroom resources. You might want to add it as a header on your Google Site, or as the banner on your Google Classroom. Come join us for some creative fun!

Remote Learning Data Privacy And Security Best Practices 4
Presented by Nassau BOCES
Data privacy and security has become increasingly important as we have come to rely on remote learning tools to educate students. Join us to learn more about the state and federal laws that protect student data, as well as data privacy and security best practices for remote learning.

Librarians Leading Out Loud: Making An Impact And Supporting Districts During Remote Learning 4
Presented by Freeport Public Schools/Garden City Public Schools
Librarians now more than ever have new opportunities to showcase their abilities as instructional leaders, tech experts, curators, and literacy experts. Learn how to use digital tools to make an impact in your school district. Practical tips will be shared by a Google Certified Trainer librarian and a librarian going through the ISTE certification process.

Technology Tools For Integrating Social-Emotional Learning Competencies In The Curriculum 4
Presented by Riverhead CSD
This presentation will empower educators to successfully address the daunting task of cultivating empathy and social harmony in K-12 classrooms through the purposeful use of technology tools to create redefined experiences. This presentation includes strategies that can be used to foster acceptance and understanding for diverse individuals and promote social-emotional learning (SEL) on topics including race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and socio-economic status. Through the informati

Using Food Computers For Research During Distance Learning 4
Presented by Half Hollow Hills CSD
This presentation will discuss how physical computing and environmental robotics can be used to facilitate research in hydroponic and soil-based growing systems. It will highlight the use of Arduino and Raspberry Pi for creating IoT automation systems as well as some online platforms being used during distance learning scenarios. The discussion will include notes on how instruction is being delivered, data is being collected and evaluated, and how assessment is being conducted around the project