2019 Most Innovative Use of Technology Award: Katie DiGregorio


Katie DiGregorio, Ed.D.Katie DiGregorio, Ed.D. began her teaching career at the Greenport School District in 2011 where she taught Spanish and ENL for five years. For the past three years, Dr. DiGregorio has been an ENL teacher at the Smithtown School District at Smithtown High School West. In 2019, she will take on in addition to ENL, the role of Middle School Instructional Technology Coach.

The use of instructional technology allows for the ENL students to work collaboratively with their English speaking peers, think critically at high levels and have instruction that is specifically differentiated for them through the different technology tools. Additionally, Katie leverages her expertise in instructional technology to further the implementation of instructional technology at Smithtown High School West, by her creation of an instructional technology coaching initiative called, “Teaching Technology Talk.” This program allows her to work closely with teachers in guiding them through their learning of the tools and how to implement effectively into their classroom. She enjoys working with her colleagues to promote the use of instructional technology that provides instruction that creates a culture of innovation and engagement by students, teachers, leaders and the community. Katie lives in Rocky Point with her husband James, and their dog, Max.