2020 Most Innovative Use of Technology Award: Karen Krukowski

Karen KrukowskiKaren Krukowski began her teaching career in 1995 at Southold Elementary School as a 4th-grade teacher and has remained in Southold for the past 25 years. Karen has taught all but 2nd and 5th grades during her career at SES. For the past six years, she has been teaching Kindergarten. She has enjoyed co-teaching in an inclusive setting for many years and attributed the collaborative nature of that model with challenging her to develop a more individualized approach to student learning. Karen attributes her drive to continually grow as an educator to two of her former High School teachers, who mentored her during the pursuit of her Master’s degree. They instilled in her a desire to always be learning and to share that love of learning with her students every day. This has been an essential part of how she approaches teaching and has pushed her to take risks and pursue new opportunities to grow as an educator. Karen strives to use technology to foster student creativity and independence while learning. She loves finding and sharing technology that can help lessen the workload for her and her colleagues. Karen uses technology to help build the home/school connections that foster a strong classroom community and bolster student success. This particular use of technology has become especially important in supporting students and their families during the pandemic.

Karen has been a member of the District Tech Committee. She spearheaded the use of ESGI as a K-2 assessment tool for the District and has been featured in multiple online publications for OpenConcept Classroom Design and the Important Role of Play in the Classroom. Karen lives in Southold with her husband and their two college-aged children.