Long Island Technology and Education Summit Vendor Sponsor Registration

  • Click the appropriate link to register: 

    All Platinum, Gold, Bronze and Chrome level sponsors have been secured for the 2019 LI Technology & Education Summit.

    Silver Level - limit 29 sponsors


    Under “Basic Information” please choose the drop-down listings as pictured below.
    You will need to sign up for a free account with My Learning Plan (unless you have an account) to complete the registration. When completing the Web Registration page and creating your account there is a section containing a few fields that have been confusing. Please see below for guidance.

    Basic information form

    Please fill in the following areas as:
    • Social Security Number: 000000000 
    • Birth Date: any date of your choosing 
    • Building/Division: the name of your company
    • Job Title: your title/position within your company

    If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Matthew DiMenna at mdimenna@nasboces.org or by calling (516) 608-6686.